Metal Medic Handi-Hanger

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The HANDI-HANGER Hatch hanger bar is the ulitmate hatch hanger bar. Made from 1.5 inch square by 24 inch long 6061   stuctural aluminum bar. The bar has a thick rubber pad that has a slight radius to it to give your rod a none slip, wide contact patch for maxium pushing. Hanger can be adjusted  up and down to be used with the padded surface or with the industries first sliding hook. The hanger bar hanging hooks will angle to the curvature of the hatch opening to give a firm fit on the trunk trough. It will not swing back and forth. After 30 plus years of pushing hail, I have not found a hatch hanger that was to my liking, so i made my own. I guarrantee this will be the best hatch hanger you will ever use or return it for a no questions asked refund.

70 cm Long

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