Metal Medic Ultimate Hanger Carbon

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Ultimate Hanger

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This a Great Hanger!  Outside the box thinking and designed for serious hail tech. Its so versatile and usefull on any type of  car, truck, van or SUV. No more crawling around inside the car and finding holes for a hook. Simply open the door, put it where you want it and close the door.  Bar is self centering so the straps aways hang straight, thanks to it self adjusting sliders on each end. Bar is 48 inches long fully collasped, 61 inches fully exteneded with infinite adjustments inbetween. Perfect for working on trucks with the back glass pulled and vans, suvs with the hatch removed. Bar can be used as a full length hanger from front door to rear door on the same side of the vehicle. Use diagonally to get the bar postion perfectly for the dent you are working. At 50 ounces, just over 3 pounds, it light and easy to use and store. Made from the same 1.5 inch carbon fiber rod the world famous bazooka bar uses. If thats not enough, a seperate carbon fiber rod is inserted into the middle of the bar to give it unparalleled strenght and the flex is near zero.  Hook can be used if needed. Remove the end caps on the carbon fiber strap bar, remove bar and use a hook, or back feed the strap to make a loop, insert your hook and use it.

Lenght , 123 cm up to 155 cm!

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