Keco Robo Lifter Precision Crease Tab Upgrade Kit

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Robo Lifter Precision Crease Tab Upgrade Kit

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The KECO Precision Crease Tab Upgrade Kit for KECO Robo® Lifters transfers your Robo® Lifter into a crease killer. The Precision Pull Plates reduce over-pulling while allowing a precise and stronger pull by holding back the surrounding metal and focusing the energy into the dent. The wide pass-through adapter helps spread pulling energy across the entire crease tab instead of focusing it into a single spot. By reducing overpulls, you save time with less corrective blending and fewer knockdowns sessions.

  • 2 Adjustable Precision Crease Pull Plates that hold metal down while focusing lifting energy to reduce time spent on corrective blending and knockdown sessions
  • Wide Pass-through Adapter – ensures lifting energy is spread evenly across the dent

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