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Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun Powered By Makita

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Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun Powered By Makita

(Battery & Charger Not Included)


The Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun powered by Makita is the most convenient to use cordless hot glue gun available in the market. A must-have PDR tool for paintless dent repair enthusiasts of all experience levels.

The Makita Battery slides and locks in very easily.

The machine itself is sturdy yet sleek. It is easy and comfortable to grip and ergonomically well structured. The trigger is comfortable. The user gets a good solid grip and can use the machine with minimal effort.

The nozzle is accurate and pours glue without any drip, keeping your work area spotless and your hands safe.

When powered on, an LED indicator will indicate the strength of the battery. The LED indicator is Green when the Battery Level is high. A Red light indicates that the Battery will shut off within five minutes. The Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun powered by Makita promises 4 hours of operation on 4 ah battery using the High setting.

The Gun also has a very useful USB (2amp output) for charging USB (5v) devices like cell phones and a 12v bypass to operate the glue gun from 12v source instead of a battery.

The Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun runs on dual temperature settings of 375f (High) 325f (Low). The temperature can be changed with the easy flick of a switch and it ensures that your glue is heated properly and is pushed out with minimal effort. The glue heats up within 5 – 8 minutes.

There is an LED indicator for Low/High Temp settings. The variable temperature gauge allows you to set the optimum temperature for the glue and eliminates the wait time for the machine to heat up each time you power it up. While you work on something else, you can drop the temperature down just enough to keep the chamber warm till you want to use the glue gun again.

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