Willey Quick Packout Top Red WQ2 Version

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WQ2 Packout Top Red

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We took our WQ tool cart and modified it to make a version that would fit the Milwaukee pack out, allowing you to hold a large variety of your pdr tools. Our goal with all of our tools is to be Quick, functional and efficient. This top is no exception and will require NO tools or drilling to install. It comes with riveted on packout feet so all you need to install is slide the top Into the grooves like rest of the packout. It features two holes on the back inside corners to mount the WQ glue tray, riveted on packout cleats to mount a packout box/lid, a front locking lip, and a large variety of holes and slots around the outside edges to organize your tools.

– Tool cart top
– Packout clears
– Packout feet
– black powder coat
– rubber edging

*Small packout box not included

27in x 19in x 1in


Size. 48 cm – 68 cm

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Weight 4,2 kg

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