Dentstuff Black Regrip Baseball Style

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Black Regrip Baseball Style

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These grips will go on almost anything!  They are a thinner less porous rubber compared to the other ReGrips.  They have gripper designs molded into them.   They are approx 12 inches long and will fit items down to around an inch in diameter.



  • 1 Select the appropriate Re-Grip model.
  • 2 Place Re-Grip tube over item with pull tab at open end of item being re-gripped.
  • 3 Hold Re-Grip in the desired starting position with one hand and carefully pull cord in direction of the pull arrow to unwind coil with the other hand.
  • 4 Make sure to position the grip in the desired location. Once the top few coils unwind, the grip begins to shrink. (Note: the grip will not be able to be moved once all of the coil is pulled and the entire grip shrinks).
  • 5 Hold Re-Grip in position until it has shrunk firmly onto the item by pulling the remaining coil.
  • 6 Trim off excess Re-Grip for the perfect fit.


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