Metal Medic SpreaD-Der Bar

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SpreaD-Der Bar

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ITS HERE! The push/pull bar on steroids!  This is a true spread-er bar that can be used with a wrench, ratchet or impact. Made with a yellow zinc coated B7 grade 5/8 x 11 rod that is 36 inches long. It boast a dual needle thrust bearings with oil port hole for years of trouble free use. The Bar has a 3 way push block, straight up, or use to the left or the right with the built in sidewinder effect. Made with beautifully machined 6061 billet  right in or own shop with American made materials that has been powered coat with “black magic ” coating that is tougher than ordinary powder coat. Handle any repairs that come your way. This bar does not come with tabs so make sure to pick out any of the Hero tabs we have to complment your repair style.

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